The Al-Shidii Group conducts businesses internationally under the name “Al–Shiddi International”, working with real estate and funding different commercial activities around the globe

hospitality industry

The jewel of our hospitality industry is Hotel Bristol, the first international five-star hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contemporary design, stylish dining and state of the art meeting facilities, are all carefully planned to provide memorable and cheerful experiences for our guests


The Group is active in many different industries, including its plastic nets factory, an integrated poultry production, as well as its feed mills. It is constantly looking for ways to improve its existing production process, but also explore new and exciting opportunities in other industries


This is the most important sector of the Group, which owns thousands of acres of irrigated land, producing wheat and fodder, dates and vegetables, peanuts, fenugreek, cumin and black bean

real estate and construction

Real estate and construction was the first activity of the Group and has expanded in several countries including the UK and the UAE, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Kosovo